Certification: FTO
Pronunciation:  Fee-oree-to-ra

Enlightened Beverage Name Means: Fioritura" is the name given to the flowery, embellished vocal line found in many arias from nineteenth-century opera. It is derived from the Italian fiore, meaning "flower".

This Italian term celebrates the beautiful vocals in the aria's found in 19th century operas and if you indulge in this coffee you might just start singing as well. Fioritura is a very full bodied coffee with pleasant cedar and tobacco notes. Its body, combined with low acidity, gives it a very comfortable mouthfeel. Fioritura is Fair Trade and certified organic.


  • 12 oz pouches - Ground or Whole Bean
  • 16 oz pouches - Ground or Whole Bean
  • 5 lb bags - Ground or Whole Bean

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