Rico Sabor

Certification: Farm 2 Cup
Pronunciation: Rico Savor

EB Name Means: Rico=Rich, Weathly, Fertile, Luxurious, Valuable delicious, adorable, lovely, great Wonderful, Rich person - Sabor= Flavor, Taste

This is a special coffee as our Roaster has developed a personal relationship with a 635 acre village of Ixil A’achimbal (formerly Trapichitos). It began with an origin trip and continues as a commitment to the community. The proceeds that Ixil A’achimbal receives from green coffee sales are used to build new homes and infrastructure, promote sustainable growth, and increase community education. Rico Sabor itself has a caramel apple flavor with just a hint of tangerine; you can almost taste the coffee pulp itself. With a tangy yet buttery finish, it is a highly acidic coffee with medium body. Rico Sabore is Farm to Cup certified.


  • 12 oz pouches - Ground or Whole Bean
  • 16 oz pouches - Ground or Whole Bean
  •  5 lb bags - Ground or Whole Bean

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