About Us

Our Manifesto

Treehouse Brands was founded in Marine on St. Croix, MN back in 2008. Our goal was simple -combine affordable pricing with our great tasting products!

Our staff, which has more than 100 years of experience in the food and beverage industry and a real passion for developing unique, great tasting products, has come together to create and produce premium products for everyone to enjoy.

Our line of products are grounded in the basic premise of:

With all of the changes and uncertainty in the world today it is truly comforting to know that there are still products that meet both the premium standard for quality and yet are still affordable for all customers.

Treehouse Brand products were created using that child-like joy and excitement that we all felt when we first climbed into that Treehouse. Remember the fear as we climbed a rickety and sometimes unstable ladder? None of us will forget the relief we felt once we reached the top, or the excitement and wonder as we stared out the window at our world now far below!

Treehouse Brand products seek to capture that pit in your stomach feeling as we climb the Treehouse ladder and to embody the wonderment, as we sip our Frappe, that we felt years ago when we stood up and reached for new heights, all within our own backyard!

Knowing and understanding the feelings of our childhood and allowing ourselves to relive those feelings may seem like guilty pleasures to some, but to us it is what drives us to produce, develop and enjoy our premium and great tasting products.

Have you tried a Treehouse Product lately? If not call + 1 (888) 522-2892 for a sample today!


Marine on St. Croix, a Great Place to Work and Live!

Marine on St. Croix founded in 1839, once known for the first commercial saw mill along the St. Croix, is now home to Treehouse Brands and its Enlightened Beverages line of Frappé, Cookie Dough Frappés, Smoothies, Chai Teas and Premium Cocoas. This once busy river town with a population of 650 during the 1880's is now a community whose residents treasure the atmosphere of a friendly small town and country life with the advantages of being near a metropolitan area.

Enlightened Beverages caters to single stores and shops as well as chain stores and distributors who are looking for new and innovative products from Enlightened Beverages. We are dedicated to providing superb consumer service, with premium quality products, that are affordable.