Chocolate Chip Latté

Adding Chocolate Chips is a great way to upgrade a Caffé Latté. All we needed to do was add Guittard mini chocolate chips in just the right amounts and we have a great Chocolate Chip Latté. Guittard is the leader in creating excellent chocolate Chip flavors and combinations and all we had to do was add their handy work into our products and presto!

These popular Individual and specialty mixes contain more than just Coffee! They do contain No Hydrogenated Oils, No Trans Fats, No HFCS, No Lactose (when made with Water). All of these bases will work well in a Granita Machine as well (please see the recipe section for details).


  • A case contains 5 pouches
  • A minimum of 5 pouches (1 Case) per order (of any frappé selection) is required and will qualify for free shipping in the continental US
  • No. of drinks per case 85
  • No. of drinks per pouch 17

All accounts are setup at standard wholesale pricing.